uniquebooksplusAug 16

As a purchaser, some of the time I’m extraordinary about leaving inputme of the time I’m extraordinary about leaving input, and some of the time not. Amazon offers quite a while period amid which a purchaser can leave input, though– so perhaps a circumstance where, when the criticism window has terminated, each 3 “no criticisms” could be accumulated into 1 “5 star” input.


Kid, that is a bodes well proposal. Could be placed directly into the Feedback record as a

1 for 3 modification.

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frsystems1Aug 16 uniquebooksplus

I got a Neutral with positive remarks and my score went from 100% to 98%. This sounds like a Negative rating to me!!!

The main thing that I have heard that Amazon has considered doing is to make it so the client should contact the dealer before leaving negative input, similar to ebay is doing.

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History_of_RecoveryAug 16

I simply purchase stuff and don’t leave input for issue free exchanges.

I too view no criticism as positive.

uniquebooksplusAug 16 frsystems1

That is a begin and it would do incredible great to deal with any purchaser vender issue rather than a trigger input being left that regularly prompts no goals. I ordinarily keep running at 100% fulfillment and goals if the purchaser first reaches me for any reason.

DS777Aug 16 frsystems1

That would be extraordinary!

AudioFanAug 16

I wholeheartedly concur. The criticism framework here is absolutely broken and isn’t at all a reasonable or precise portrayal of vender execution.

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uniquebooksplusAug 16

Rundown of smart thoughts:

Require the Buyer to speak with the Seller before being permitted to leave a “Negative” Feedback.

Change the Neutral Metric so it doesn’t tick negative on a Seller’s Feedback score.

Actualize a Positive Feedback Conversion (perhaps 1 for 3) for Seller satisfied requests following 90 days that “No Feedback” was cleared out.


DS777Aug 16

Something little yet accommodating advance I think would be for purchasers communicating something specific and get an answer from a merchant before having the capacity to leave negative input.

So venders in any event get an opportunity to determine the issue, since there are such a large number of individuals who are trigger content with leaving terrible criticism.

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stylebysohoAug 16

I concur that something must be finished with the way how criticism framework is computed. I offer in attire class. The level of purchasers who leave criticisms in my specific case is 0.01%. So I’m being judged vigorously on an amazingly little level of my exchanges. Notwithstanding that the purchasers tend more to leave a negative criticism than positive. I do accept todays input framework is obsolete and unreasonable.


uniquebooksplusAug 16 emanon

Possibly the lifetime score is a superior marker then the year. Or on the other hand perhaps a metric utilizing the 2 together. I may have rehash clients over a significant lot of time who don’t want to leave a positive input all the more then once if even that. The rehashing of buys alone is a positive.

uniquebooksplusAug 16 DS777

It is a decent proposal. I really recommended a similar thing numerous years prior.

uniquebooksplusAug 16 DS777

what’s more, it would likewise decrease Refund Manipulation which is a genuine article.

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frsystems1Aug 16

Wouldn’t it be NICE if Neutral signified “Neutral”!!!


uniquebooksplusAug 16

Its actual. Who merits a negative metric for accepting a Neutral input.

I have an ongoing Neutral input that the purchaser got sort of furious with me simply disclosing to them that a Neutral rating delivered a negative tick to my Feedback score.

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papyrophiliaAug 16

I know when I purchase on Amazon and don’t leave any criticism then I think about the exchange as positive. I am simply excessively apathetic, making it impossible to issue the positive criticism. So it appears a tolerable part of “no input buys” ought to be treated as a positive rating. I may have one input for each hundred fulfilled deals that left no criticism.

As a purchaser, at times I’m incredible about leaving input, and once in a while not. Amazon offers quite a while period amid which a purchaser can leave criticism, though– so perhaps a circumstance where, when the input window has lapsed, each 3 “no inputs” could be amassed into 1 “5 star” criticism.